The Founder of Khizria Sufi Order

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi

Written by Absar Khan Al-Khizri

Brief Life History of Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi (Author, Founder & Inborn Sufi)

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi is a Pakistani Sufi. He was born on 21st May, 1964 (09th Muharram 1384 A.H) in Karachi, Pakistan. He is the founder of Khizria Sufi Order and the creator of Najmi Healing Energy System.

Family back ground

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi is “Najeeb-ul-Tarfain Syed”. A Najeeb-ul-Tarfain Syed is one whose mother and father both are Syed.

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi‘s father, Syed Jawwad Ali, was a descendant of Hazrat Husayn ibn Ali (Imam Husayn). Imam Husayn was the younger son of Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatimah. Hazrat Ali was cousin as well as son-in-law of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him), and Hazrat Fatima was the beloved daughter of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi’s mother was Sayyida, daughter of Syed Abdullah, a descendant of Hazrat Hasan ibn Ali, the eldest son of Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima. Thus, Najmi is both a Hasani and Husayni Syed.

Early childhood education

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi took his primary elementary education from Government Muslim School Federal “B” Area, Karachi. He passed the Matric exam in 1982 from Government Boys Standard Secondary School, North Karachi and passed the Intermediate exam in 1985 from Board of Intermediate Education Karachi.

Education and Career

Najmi earned his Diploma of DHMS from Jinnah Homeopathic Medical College Karachi in 1997 and degree of M.D. (alternative medicine) from international University, Sri Lanka in 1998.

In the year 2000, Najmi established a welfare clinic, named, “Al-Sehat Foundation” in North Karachi, where people were charged with very low fees, especially orphan children and widows were even given free medicine. In 2007, Najmi joined North Care Hospital as RMO where he worked till 2010.

Beginning of Najmi Healing Energy

In 2001, when Najmi’s clinic was still new in North Karachi, during that time one of his friend, named, Mr. Shahid Sheikh told Najmi that he is Reiki master and healed people with Reiki. Najmi did not know much about Reiki at that time. Mr. Shahid Sheikh started practicing Reiki treatment in the clinic of Najmi.

Najmi observed Reiki treatment which increased his interest and Najmi used his spiritual abilities in treatment of a patient who got cured extraordinary which made Najmi very much surprised and then Najmi started healing other patients also using his spiritual abilities and results were remarkable.

Those days, a friend of Najmi, named, Mr. Iqbal used to come to clinic to meet him daily. When he found about this new energy healing, and he showed strong desire to learn this spiritual way of healing. Najmi made Mr. Iqbal meditate and also meditated himself in front of him and transferred such healing spiritual abilities in Mr. Iqbal. Mr. Iqbal used this spiritual method on people and found amazing results which he told to the Mr. Shahid Sheikh, he was surprised and said, this is not possible with Reiki; this is some other healing power. Since then this method was started to heal people by Najmi and his friends attuned by him. In July 2013, on the request of his friends, Najmi published a book, named, “Najmi Healing Energy” by Al-Sehat Foundation (Regd.)

Spiritual Education

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi is actually inborn Sufi, so he attracted towards spirituality since his childhood. Najmi took private tuition from Syed Azam Ali at home. Syed Azam Ali was his neighbor and a sufi saint. It was observed many times that when Syed Azam Ali said something, such things happened just as said by Syed Azam Ali. Syed Azam Ali gradually became the best friend of Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi and the companionship of Syed Azam Ali made his thirst towards spirituality even more intense.

Syed Azam Ali told about his daily routine that he slept just few hours and recite name of Allah to a particular number in one sitting after offering his Isha prayer. Once Najmi asked Syed Azam Ali, if he ever saw Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be upon Him in his dreams? Syed Azam Ali replied “Yes.” Then Najmi asked him how he felt then? On this, Syed Azam Ali said, “I was scared.” The Najmi asked him,” What will happen to me if I see Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) in my dream? Will I be scared too? “Syed Azam Ali with great compassion said, “I have a different matter, but you will not have any fear when you see Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) in your dream.”

Syed Azam Ali taught Najmi for three years and then he moved with his family to somewhere and Najmi could not find him after that. When Najmi was in 09th grade in 1981, he dreamed about the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). Najmi saw that it was day time and he was in a desert, while walking he saw some people in Arabic dress with horses standing on his way. When Najmi reached them, one of them, who looked like in age of fifty years, was wearing Arabic cloths, and a leather belt in the middle of his waist, with a sword in it. The eyes were dark and shiny, and he had such a beautiful smile on his bright face. Najmi came face to face in front of him and but was unable to understand anything, then that man asked Najmi, why are you surprised? I am Messenger of Allah, do not you recognize me? Then, Najmi woke up from his dream and started thinking about the dream. In the morning, he told his dream to his mother. His mother got very happy hearing such dream and said Najmi to tell this dream to his grand-father. His grand-father told him that you have the blessings of Allah with you it is really an honor to dream about Holy Prophet PBUH.

In 1981, Najmi, found a monthly spiritual magazine, named, “Roohani Digest” published by Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, the head of Azeemi Sufi Order. Najmi felt very relaxed reading Roohani Digest and soon became its regular reader and contacted Khawaja Shams Uddin Azeemi through letter-writing for gaining more knowledge in spirituality and started meditations under the guidance of Khawaja Shams Uddin Azeemi. Such meditations increased his spiritual abilities. On October 14, 1988, Khawaja Shams Uddin Azeemi accepted him in Azeemi Sufi Order.

After the allegiance, Najmi began to meditate on the concept of Shaikh, known as “Tasawur- e-Shaikh” and after a few days, he got the privilege of meeting with Founder of Azeemi Sufi Order “Qalandar Baba Aulia” and other Aulias in his dreams and by the grace of Allah, Najmi was blessed with unending chain of such spiritual experiences and such mysteries which cannot be accepted by common man easily.

Establishment of Khizria Sufi Order

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi founded a spiritual order after having its approval from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in 2004. The name of the spiritual order went after the name Khizar-e- Waqt, a rank in Nizam-e-Takween, an administration system created by Allah.

Silsila-e-Khizria encompasses both the spiritual sections: Spiritual Association (sulook) and the Raptness (jazb). Simple brief and easy-to-perform lessons and exercises (meditations) have been introduced. Basis of the education in Khizria Order is “Owaisia Method”.

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi has been blessed with spiritual abilities to cure chronic diseases in shortest span of time. Such miraculous abilities made him curious to research over it and he developed Najmi Healing System through which other human beings would also become able to heal themselves and others and Founded Khizria Sufi Order for the purpose of fulfillment of man’s spiritual needs of this era.


Khizria Sufi Order


Written by Wajahat Chishti Al-Khizri

With the evolution of mankind in this world, many problems started appearing. Peace turned into anxiety because of weakness of faith and beliefs. Therefore a system for guidance of man was evolved and prophets were sent one after another for the guidance of mankind till the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was sent to conclude the prophet hood. But the system of man’s guidance continued. Sufi Saints and scholars with the legacy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) kept on guiding the mankind.

The more man is advancing in physical sciences the more he is getting away from religion. Peace is something unknown for him. His pursuit for peace showed him way towards spiritualism but he was not ready to adopt any unscientific means and methods in this regard.

In order to meet the demands of present times a system, which could fulfill the spiritual needs of man of the modern era in a scientific way, was needed. Silsila-e-Khizria has been founded for the purpose of fulfillment of man’s spiritual needs of this era.

Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi as Pakistani Sufi founded this Sufi Order (tariqah) after having its approval from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in 2004, in Karachi Pakistan. His Spiritual Followers live in Pakistan, United Arab Emirate, South Africa, England, America and Canada. The name of the ‘silsila’ (the spiritual order) goes after the name Khizr-e-Waqt, a rank in Nizam-e-Takween, an administration system created by Allah.

Khizr-e-Waqt is a person who is cognizant of Allah and radiates the knowledge and reflects the true realities. He becomes a bridge and a connection between the Creator and the creatures because of the effulgent teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) assimilated by him. He remains in touch with Allah without losing his contact with the creatures. Leads a life that is filled with divine bliss and is full of pleasure of knowing the realities and he teaches such knowledge to people and guide them.

Khizria Sufi Order encompasses both the spiritual sections: Spiritual Association (sulook) and the Raptness (juzb). Simple brief and easy-to-perform lessons and exercises (meditations) have been introduced. Basis of the education in Khizria Sufi Order is “Owaisia Method”.

Discipleship of the traditional style and orthodox manner is not in the Khizria Sufi Order. No particular dress or typical appearance is suggested here. Only sincere interest and devotion for spirituality is the basic criteria for ones association with the Khizria Sufi Order.

The more one advances on the paths, the more enlightened is one’s thinking. Wakefulness starts prevailing upon one’s unconscious and the sight becomes strong enough to penetrate the realities of the mysteries. And he becomes a man with cognition rather than a staunch worshiper with a temper.

Aims & Objectives of Khizria Sufi Order.

  • To serve Islam remaining on straight path.

  • To act upon the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) wholeheartedly, to work for expansion of his spiritual mission and after getting the inner sight activated enjoy the honor of beholding august person.

  • To serve the fellow beings and the creatures of Allah and to consider the whole mankind a family , to be courteous and sympathetic with everyone regardless of distinction of caste, color and creed.

  • To invite people to acquire the scientific and spiritual knowledge besides learning the teachings of Islam.

  • To initiate and form that pattern of thinking in fellow beings which could enable them to become aware of latent potentialities of soul and spirit.

Note: The Name of Khizria Sufi Order is written in different ways. For example, Khizriyya, Khidria & Khidriyya etc.